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    Im new at this forum and I have some doubts, could someone help me?

    1) I have some material about famous people collected from internet, but Im afraid to post and it is repeated because I cant go to all threads or messages. If i Post repeated material, I will be in trouble with the rules?

    2) I love amateur material too like videos of people showing off on webcam (not from websites like cam4/chaturbate). Most of them are straight guys showing off on skype/msn etc. Is there a room for this type of content in this forum? If yes, where could I create a thread and start to post?


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    1) The activity in this forum is quite low nowadays. There will be no complain if you create a repreated thead but try to check first by using the search bar on the top right corner.

    2) You're more than welcome to post Amateur material. Just follow this link:

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