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16/10/2007, 16:32
Muy buenas! Que tal todos?¿ He encontrado esto por Internet y supongo que os gustará verlo....Vean primero las dos foticos, y luego disfruten con el video y lo que esconde...

El video es de un tio que se llama Brian, parece ser que concursa en "De gouden kooi" que no se que será...jajaja, pero es un concurso y concursa también otro que se llama Dennis que está de toma pan y moja!jajaja.

Dios santo lo que le haría yo ha este hombre :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja: :paja:
En la foto creo que es el primer tio por la izquierda.

17/10/2007, 09:30
Espero que esta foto se vea, porque este tio merece la pena saber mas de él. Brian, del programa "DE gouden kooi"


17/10/2007, 10:48
"De gouden kooi" es holandés y significa algo así como "la caja dorada". Es un programa de la RTL5, aunq en un primer momento lo emitiese la cadena holandesa "Tien"

Aquí la web oficial


Y aquí información (¡en neerlandés!) sobre el mismo


Una traducción automática (al inglés) del texto de la wikipedia:

Gouden the cage has been a television programme that had been developed John the mole in 1997. since 2006 it has been transmitted also truly.

It was see original on the Dutch sender ten (formerly Talpa). Nowadays the programme on RTL is transmitted 5, after raising ten.


The idea for the programme arose during brainstormsessie in company-stretched of John the mole on Thursday 4 September 1997 between the mole, Patrick Scholtze, Bart Römer and his brother Paul Römer. The work title was gouden the cage and one considered six participants to lock up in a luxuriously villa for a year, whereupon the remained winner one million would get guilder. The concept was a crucible of se      matter - time current Biosphere 2-experiment in the desert of Arizona (eight people locked up in an artificial cupola zelfvoorzienend), the American television programme The Real World in which livesoap took place with real occupants and of origin the Swedish programme forwarding Robinson in which had survive a group on an uninhabited island and one winner remained there.

Also wild one add the element of the webcam, inspired by Americans who these installed 24 hours per day in their house, so that the outside world could everything follow what happened there. All this together led to a concept, in which in a house with cameras a group people was locked up approximately 100 days which on Internet and by means of a compilation retransmission on television could be followed and resulted daily in the worldwide successful formula of piglet Brother. The original idea was taken up by the mole in 2006, and he obtained the old concept of a group people long in luxury lock up from the cupboard. Thus as from October 2006 the oerversie of piglet Brother ("BB") are now transmitted under the original title (shortly after meanwhile sixth Bb-reeks on Talpa). Until now the programme does not succeed the initial translate commotie in the press in good look figures. After a reasonable good kick-off-uitzending with 914,000 kijkers examined obtain it the first month a couple percent kijkersaandeel and fluctuate the number of kijkers at present around 350,000 up to 400,000.

In July 2007 the government parties called CDA and ChristenUnie commit on no spotjes to place around gouden the cage. Tweede-Kamerlid Joop Atsma of CDA calls the tv-programma, in which people the house from to tease, too repugnant for words "I cannot each other it prohibit, but hope that it lack to advertisers a stille dies dead."

On 24 July 2007 there an action for gouden the cage from the tube at halen.[2 ] days later on 25 July 2007 through it fans of the programme started a contrary action were started for gouden the cage as long as possibly on television at houden.[3 ] two days after starting up the action these were stopped because RTL the Netherlands the initiators approached, thus the livestreams are raised and no more violence are shown. More later explained Talpa media that they continue continue, however, with transmitting the livestreams. This because those rights not of RTL the Netherlands zijn.[4 ]


On 23 augusts 2007 came stand there in the telegraph that gouden the cage will be obtained at the end of 2007 of the tube, the programme continues until the end of the year transmitted sell the format to the foreign country. Unless gouden the cage gets out of hand this way a lot, because then it disappears immediately of the television. [ 5 ]


Producer Römer had ensured in 1999, that the concept of people does not lock up for a year continued and only the "weakened" piglet Brothervariant of three months was carried out, because it would be differently ethical irresponsable. The participants would become crazy and the programme to leave. On the question if that would produce then no fantastic television he answered then in the opinion booklet green Amsterdammer[6 ]: Nou, perhaps but it produce also once more ten sick people. And we have always said: what we also do, people enter healthily the house and they must come also healthily the house from. That both human and economic legal grounds are. Ongelukken would mean the end of the programme.

Seven years later this legal grounds were released by the mole and Römer and no longer stood responsibility for the well-being of the participants first. This led inevitably to social commotie. As from the disclosure of launching there were objections serious from the media and the society against long locking up participants. Ophef also arose concerning the wegpest"element because people are condemned to each other and the only the one which it endures longest over a period of minimum a year, villa wins money plus royale sum. It cost the mole much energy to try refute this, what really did not succeed.

Also the participant selection was subject of discussion and even led to chamber questions on 4 October 2006 because an one of the participants, separated woman, the care for its two small children transferred to family which no voogdijschap bezat. Of the participants, a docent English Eveline Klaassen, have run out on and after two weeks its examination classes on the Berechja do not appear have complied with its notice of three months college on Urk. Finally there problems concerning the villa himself rose - by issuing of the construction license already built be and no municipal check will be concerning what was cultivated.


Talpa; Internet start: 23 September 2006; televisiestart: 1 October 2006th presentation Kick-off: Linda the mole, voice-over retransmissions: Jos Bergenhenegouwen. Participants: 4 men, 6 women. Location: Villa in Eemnes.

Ten people, zg. "miljonairs", have been placed in a luxuriously villa. They get a bank account with? 6.000.000,- with which they can do everything follow as training, a company starts buy or luxury. They sit permanent locked up in the villa and surrounding garden and have limited contact with the outside world. This contact can deserve them acquiring "contact points". This occurs by partitioning mutually weekly, by winning populariteitspolls of kijkers by means of Internet and by winning bonusspellen.

Mail can received and sent as well as video messages and are there a newspaper and a half hour per day television. Internet can be used for training and other activities, if necessary. Five minutes bels cost 50 contact points, an hour receives long visit 150 contact points by to receive person. On the anniversary four guests can be invited and on kerstdag and oudjaar one guest by occupant. Three times per year one can leave the villa for twelve hours, but only as other house-enjoyed this unanimously to approve. Because there, is no method on which people slim, the participants must leave on one's own initiative. Because of this the programme in theory years can last will. A number "staff members", head house keeping ASTRE Yvonne with assistant assistent-huishoudsters Herma and Annefloor, sport instructor Carlos lens, maintenance fitter for the swimming pool poolboy David, horse looking after ASTRE Lesley Erhart, chef-kok Marc order, golf teacher Marco, jet ear teacher Jordan, stylist Monique and hairdresser Menno acts also from time to time in the area.

The one which remain as a last in the house, become the owner of the villa. To disappoint the look figures however, then the programme is stopped and remains the villa property of Talpa. If a participant leaves the villa without authorisation, does he or they lose, if that happens the first year, the inleggeld of? 10,000 (that to a good aim goes) and is he/she from the game. After the first year the participant recovers the inleggeld, however. Monthly the participants can vote down of the candidates, but this must happen unanimous; this person is replaced then by a new candidate.

On 24 October 2006 Talpa a number of has adapted rules (probably because the disappointing look figures the length of the programme will will limit): there is no more hoofdmiljonair, the weekly meeting is expire, the million that just over a year to win would be by the last overblijver can now already be won, but the villa just after 2 years. And if during the monthly "dismissal day" (last Thursday of the month) someone is voted down before no new candidate more comes in the place. Because of this the number of participants decreases. That happens, however, still "possibly" at voluntary exit. On 31 October 2006 Talpa made confessed that a majority poll (therefore no longer unanimiteit required) under the occupants is kept to stipulate who of the two less popular occupants from the monthly public poll must leave the villa.

By means of the Internet site of gouden the cage one could examine 4 free livestreams, but by one must pay 4 May 2007. On 26 July 2007 winter programming made RTL the Netherlands confessed. Here it was also confessed that the programme in improved version was transmitted, among other things violence is then no longer shown, also the livestreams on Internet stop as soon as RTL will transmit 5 it [ 7 ]. Talpa media confessed later that the livestreams on Internet said continue offer [ 8 ]. (continúa)

17/10/2007, 10:51

The programme started with nine candidates, who got the choice from three persons who in the house came add one there for appraisal. This became Sylvia. After rather offuitzendingoffuitzending offuitzending of something examined more than 900,000 kijkers popularity collapsed and lay these on 450,000 - 500,000 kijkers by delivery. [ 9 ]

Natasia ensured within and outside the house ophef, because she had left behind its two children at its vriend[10 ]. Bart became rather quick amorously on the horse looking after ASTRE Lesley. Nicolaas ensured commotie, because he of measures himself finished to contrarily established and in the problems came with the programmers then Talpa are deserved? 47,000 did not pay into its account. He decided leave in the night of 2 November the house. A day later Angelique were voted down by its co-occupiers. On 22 November Nathanael came in the house. On 30 November Stephan were unanimously voted down. On 11 December the house decided Eveline go out after she felt themselves considerable time not well. On the same day Huub, which was already rather a day in the house, came in the house. Huub let se      times masked prostitutes come on a visit.

On 1 February 2007 Nena were removed by the production control of the programme from the villa, because she had given Brian a staircase after he offended its during a brawl concerning a rumour will have had sex with Huub which them. Only some days for that she had had sex with Brian during a dronken bui. Nena were immediately replaced by its girlfriend Amanda. In the night of 4 February Nathanael had and Huub brawl with physical violence whereupon production have stipulated that Nathanael by direct are trunks had catch, are Borg were he lost. Just as later also Huub from the villa were put after he to Nathanael had confessed a shovel to have given, but according to some kijkers the this case has not been. Ilona no longer felt themselves already it "violence" in the house at its ease and on 5 February voluntarily have left. Huub, strengthened by large internet-achterban, requested at the programme control for a closer study of the voorval. This led to the fact that he was allowed on 9 February 2007 to the villa.

Two new participants, students Eric and cut made their entry in the house in February. In the night of 26 April on 27 April 2007 totally the found oneself side went up between Brian and Huub. Huub lay together in bed with Amanda (the sex girlfriend of Brian), as a result of which Brian became very very angry. Huub were drawn to its haren. Huub beat Brian, which spat for its part Amanda and beat. Production was frightened that the incident would get out of hand further, moreover was Brian no longer for reason subject. Brian and Natasia is for this reason that night in a hotel goes sleep and returned just the next day at the beginning of the afternoon. Although physical violence means exit, beating and spitting for Huub and Brian had no consequences. Production put on the hair shirt himself and thought that they were not strict enough are in maintaining the rules. Rather also kopstoten were, spit and destroying personal property does not punish. The participants have been, however, faced with the voorval by the production team of gouden the cage and John the mole. Production promised maintain the rules in the continuation more strictly.

On 29 April 2007 Sylvia left gouden the cage because she felt himself no longer pleasantly in the villa. By many kijkers Sylvia were considered as of the most normal persons of the programme. Sylvia were replaced personal coach Lieke who was for its participation to gouden the cage maker in the villa. Already as a maker Lieke started a relation with at the public most popular occupant the Huub. She continued this relation as an occupant.

On 18 June 2007 occupant Eric made confessed that he will leave the house on 19 June. He was so teased that he no longer managed it to remain more long in the villa. He became especially by the participants cut and Huub terribly tormented. Eric were replaced by the person whose birthday it isperson whose birthday it is person whose birthday it is Dennis. A week after its entry the eighth and last miljonair entered the villa, namely Nadia. They replaced the last place and there is no chance that there still a miljonair recovers, unless there early goes away.

In the weekend of 14 on 15 July new were conspired. This led to large brawls between two groups, namely Huub and Lieke against Amanda, Brian, Dennis, cut, Nadia and Natasia. The group of six intended se      action with bewoonster remove Lieke to provoke Huub this way candidate to physical violence. 15 July the well wrong then Lieke went by three occupants were taken along and candidate Huub by three other was blocked [ 11 ]. The next morning was distributed for the team of six (Amanda, Brain, Dennis, cut, Nadia and Natasia) a sentence, the candidates got all a fine which implied that 1000 euro of their Borg were implied and 100,000 euro of their possible winning price money [ 12 ]. Also the production team of gouden the cage made confessed that no fines or sanctions more will come, only still disposal from the villa [ 13 ].

Tuesday 17 July 2007 cut claimed get tasks of the redactie of gouden the cage to make the spectaculairder, then cut mentioned this on the livestreams according to kijkers the livestreams were suddenly eliminated [ 14 ]. The ten denied statements of cut "it seem as if cut has arrows now on the programmers has been aimed", thus a zegsman of the broadcasting [ 15 ].

On 26 July 2007 bewoonster Natasia were unanimously voted down by its co-occupiers, she left then evening still the same the villa.

Beginning October 2007 got out of hand it in the house again, then Natasia as a guest on a visit came in the house and thereby Lieke full in the face beat. The pictures of this only on the Internet gepubliceerd.[16 ]


Current participants

Below a list with participants appears from gouden the cage which sits still, the person who sits longest state at the top.


guest players

Below a list with guest players appears.



Below appears a list with oud-deelnemers from gouden the cage, the person who is shortest state at the top and is followed persons who have bedsores more long.


The candidate in this month an occupant of the cage has the candidate in this month less than a week had been spent or had been stayed in the cage
* This month shows who in the cage at this moment to sit there

Sold to foreign country

* United States - gouden the cage of production company Talpa media has been resold on 2 February 2007 to the American sender ACBcC. It has been not yet confessed or ACBcC also truly will transmit gouden the cage. [ 17 ]
* Denmark - on 16 September 2007 it was confessed that Denmark has bought the programme idea. It is still unknown or the programme will truly be produced.
* United Kingdom - the sender Channel 4 have probable interest in gouden the cage. However this has been not yet brought officeel to outside.

Sold to foreign country

* United States - gouden the cage of production company Talpa media has been resold on 2 February 2007 to the American sender ACBcC. It has been not yet confessed or ACBcC also truly will transmit gouden the cage. [ 17 ]
* Denmark - on 16 September 2007 it was confessed that Denmark has bought the programme idea. It is still unknown or the programme will truly be produced.
* United Kingdom - the sender Channel 4 have probable interest in gouden the cage. However this has been not yet brought officeel to outside.

Sources, notes and/or references:


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JAJAJA! Se levantó con ganas de acción, no? :paja: :paja:
Bueno, la verdad es que es algo que nos suele pasar a todos por las mañanas.

De todas formas, muy buen vídeo y el tío se ve genial. Gracias por la aportación eduardillo69.

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omg que ereccion love it